Blah Blah Special: March Monster Madness Round 1

In this very special edition of the show, Blah Blah Podcast presents the first round of the March Monster Madness tournament! 64 horror villain characters battle it out to determine who is the greatest of all time. Each match-up is determined by vote and can be judged in three categories: Cultural Significance, Character Design, and Head to Head Battle/Fight. Check out our Twitter and Facebook page to see the entire bracket!

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 102: Master Wee

In this edition of the show, we talk about the recent passing of Bill Paxton, the controversial Oscars from this past Sunday, the random commercials for the Will Smith Netflix movie and Avatar World attraction at Disney World, DC Movie News Minute, casting for the live-action “The Lion King” movie, speculation of Daniel Craig returning as Bond, Twitter Q&A, and this week’s Missle Anus segment.