What A Maneuver! Episode 17: 2018 Wrestling Awards

In this new episode, we reveal our selections for our 2018 Awards for the Best and Worst of Pro Wrestling and WWE. The categories include:

  • Best Female Superstar
  • Worst Female Superstar
  • Best Feud
  • Worst Feud
  • Best NXT Call-Up
  • Worst NXT Call-Up
  • Most Improved
  • Least Improved
  • Best Gimmick
  • Worst Gimmick
  • Best On The Mic
  • Worst On The Mic
  • They Really Dropped The Ball On
  • Best Angle
  • Worst Angle aka The Bray Wyatt Legacy Award
  • Best Tag Team
  • Worst Tag Team
  • Best Wrestling TV Show
  • Best WWE PPV
  • Worst WWE PPV
  • Best Champion
  • Worst Champion
  • Best WWE PPV Match
  • Worst WWE PPV Match
  • Best Male Superstar
  • Worst Male Superstar

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