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Blah Blah Podcast Episode 7: The Force Awakens

In this episode we discuss the latest in video game news as well as some movie talk including some Marvel & DC casting, the new James Bond movie, and the Golden Globe nominations. We also play some Leonard Maltin Game and take some new movie trailers.

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 6: Infinity War Part 3

In this special episode, we discuss all the news recently released on Marvel’s Phase 3 film plans, the future of Marvel and it’s stars, DC’s rebuttal and a complete review of the next 6 years of comic book movies.

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 5: Powell

In this November edition, we discuss some recent movie releases including Interstellar, Birdman, and Nightcrawler, we also hit on the latest in movie & video game news such as the new Star Wars Episode 7 title, an Evil Dead TV-series, the most popular games for the holiday season, PS Share Play, and more. Plus the debut of a new segment!

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 4: Rowan Loves Movies

For this October edition of Blah Blah, we travel down to Rowan University and meet up with Mike & Chris as we discuss Gone Girl, Annabelle, New York Comic Con, movies we are looking forwards to, and play some movie games!

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 3: PS4 Galore

With Kyle missing in action, the crew discusses some of the big news going down in the video game industry, Shaun getting a PS4 and why, games coming out for PS4, also a short recap of the Emmy winners, the Summer Movie season recap and more!

Jurassic World Review












By Jason Green

If there’s one word I can sum up Jurassic World with, it would be “surprise”.

The first Jurassic Park movie was such an outstanding movie to me. As a kid, I watched it over and over on laser disc, yes you read that correctly. As far as the two sequels go, as a kid I loved them but now as an adult I realize they’re flawed. Not terrible movies, just not as good as JP 1.

I was extremely hesitant going into Jurassic World. The trailer made the movie seem… lame, for lack of a better word. The CGI seemed sub par and that scene with Chris Pratt teaming up with the Raptors made my eyes roll so hard my mom thought I was possessed.

But, I will say I was pleasantly surprised with this film. It hit mostly all the right notes.

First, let’s start with the bad. Most of the characters in this movie are boring. The two kids whom are visiting the park are just cookie cutter characters. You got the one teen who hates the world and his younger happy-go-lucky brother to balance it out. The other two leads, Chris Pratt’s Owen Brady and Bryce Dallas-Howard’s Clare… something, are way more interesting than the two younger leads.











Although, Owen Brady and Clare are pretty standard as well they’re way more entertaining than the latter two characters of the film. Also, the character who replaces John Hammond as owner of the park wasn’t, in my opinion, very likable either and neither was the main villain of the film.

Another minor gripe was some tone issues; that being it felt all over the place in some spots. For example: and this is sort of a non spoiler because most this shot was in the trailer. When the Pterodactyls escape and attack the people in the park, we are greeted with a lovely scene of a woman being lifted up and pretty much being annihilated, which is directly followed by a man running from the bar trying to protect his Margaritas. Basically, we go from a pretty ugly shot to sort of comedic relief shot in the matter of a second.

All that aside, the  good definitely out weighs the bad. Simply put this movie is fun and doesn’t take itself TOO seriously. The action scenes are well crafted and really keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s a very clever scene at the end when the main villain is delivering his cliche speech and is interrupted in a very witty way which definitely, at least, deserves a chuckle. And that Raptor team up scene in the third act did work out very well.

There’s obviously going to be sequels, and multiples ones at that. But, it’s nice to know that the Jurassic franchise may be heading in a better direction then before. And, if you’re one of the people who didn’t like this movie, which is okay, just remember that the original script involved dinosaurs with guns. At least we got a better movie than that.



The Witcher 3 Review (so far)


by Jason Green

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt defines why I love playing video games. It’s a shining example of a fully realized world that you can get sucked in to.

Let me take a step back real quick and say: I have never played a Witcher game before, but that’s okay. Witcher 3 is a solid stand alone title that welcomes new players to the series and, yes it references stuff from previous games but not enough to get confused.

You take control of Geralt, a very famous Witcher. Witchers are pretty much monster hitmen; meaning, a desperate towns person might be having trouble with a monster or demon and they hire a Witcher to take care of it. The chronicles of Geralt can be found throughout a series of books and now video games, which end with this final installment.

To be honest, the story is a little hard to follow. It has a simple concept, Geralt is on a quest to find his surrogate daughter and gets interrupted at every turn. The real name for this game should be The Witcher 3: Detour because every person Geralt meets sends him on another quest that’s out of his way, giving him the incentive of information about his daughter. Obviously, that’s CD Projekt Red’s, the developers, way of having you explore this gigantic world.

Speaking of gigantic worlds, the in game world is absolutely massive. CD Projekt Red has gone above and beyond making a fully realized, immersive, and freaking huge world. Other previews of this game have said Witcher 3 holds 200 hours of gameplay and, honestly I can totally believe that. There is just so much to do it’s pretty overwhelming, but in a good way.

So far, my only fault with this game is the combat system because the sword and magic play is fun but clunky. There’s been multiple times when I yell at my TV because three or four enemies jump me at once and Geralt doesn’t block all of them. Or, I’m fighting enemies in close quarters and some veer off camera and still hit me. This is a minor point though, but still a nuisance.

The Witcher 3 is a big, beautiful and bold game. There’s so much to do I feel like I’ll be playing this game well in to the next year. It’s fun, mostly easy to get the hang of and pretty to look it. Once I beat the game my full review will be up.


Fallout 4 Officially Revealed!

A bomb was dropped this morning.

The culprits – Bethesda Software.

That’s right, folks. Fallout 4 is officially upon us. This announcement trailer details some interesting things, such as: the world before the Nuclear disaster and a protagonist that talks!

The latter being, in the previous Fallout games your avatar never speaks. Yes, you make dialog choices but a voice is never heard. The case may be different now, though. Maybe it’ll be similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition where you choose between a few voices and pick one you like.

Another thing to note is the location, which is confirmed to be Boston. Maybe some characters from Fallout 3 will make an appearance? Washington D.C. isn’t that far from Boston…

Closing out, this trailer leaves more questions then answers. We know the location but, that’s about it. Why does it show civilization before the war and after in that juxtaposition? Maybe you’ll be playing in both eras?

Hopefully, this years E3 will answer more.