Blah Blah Podcast Episode 151: Ten Inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In this week’s edition of the show, we talk about the new Forbes List of the top paid Hollywood actors of 2018, a new Dealer’s Choice segment, some Twitter Q&A, and the return of Porn or No.

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 150: Papee-On-Steve

This week on the show we give a SPOILER review of the new Mark Wahlberg movie “Mile 22”, Danny Boyle leaving Bond 25, “Thor: The Dark World” hell, HBO’s Watchmen series, Twitter Q&A, and this week’s edition of Missle Anus.

Blah Blah Podcast Episode 149: Frasier’s Frasier

This week’s episode starts with some breaking news in the DC Universe, the Venom movie looking at a PG-13 rating, the official name for the Sony Marvel universe, the new Popular Movie Oscar category, a new Captain Picard series with Patrick Stewart, Twitter Q&A, and this week’s Missle Anus featuring more bot created scripts!

Blah Blah Episode 148: Cinnabon Hooters & The Famous Water Truck

This week it’s a show of returns! A return to our normal format, the return of Evan and Derek as we chat the new Venom trailer and also the return of our “Dealer’s Choice” segment, where each panelist gets 10 minutes to talk about any topic! What craziness will ensue? Also the return of Missle Anus!